Saturday, May 17, 2008

I saw him!

I finally got to see the man himself. Dr. Ron Paul held a Freedom Rally in Louisville this afternoon, and DH and I attended with a couple of others from our town. Total attendance was well over 500, which didn't even come close to the attendance in Bowling Green last night, which topped out around 4000!

We saw the Secret Service just down the street (while walking around since we got there stupid early), and figured out after watching the evening news that the Clinton's were staying at the Hilton on 4th Street, just down from the Palace theater. Interesting. The turn-out she had in KY wasn't as good as Paul's.

I quite enjoyed listening to Dr. Paul speak, as well as the guy who read a poem "Tapping my own phone". It was hilarious. Also, a female trio sang the most beautiful rendition of Star-Spangled Banner, with both verses.

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