Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wireless internet (WiFi) and its health effects

The article I've been waiting to see:

This is something I have been wondering about, especially as I learn more about the effects of cell phones on adults, children, and the unborn.  We have a wireless router in our home and at work, and I am always on my laptop.  My son is 3.5, and we've had WiFi in our homes for 4-5 years, but didn't have it at work until the last year or so so my exposure has increased.  Also, I've only had the laptop since last October. 

So I think I may turn of the wireless router and use a really really long network cable for when I am on my laptop...and use the desktop when I can.  I don't think that will go over very well with the DH, so it could take some time to transition to a safer lifestyle for all of us.

We also have a company soliciting us that builds wireless towers and leases the space on them to telephone and internet companies.  We haven't signed the lease for our land yet, and I'm wondering if any one has done studies on the health effects of living near a tower like this??  It will be fairly close to the house, so while the money is good, it may not be worth the danger.

Updated March 2013:  We never got rid of the wireless router.  We also did not have a company put up a wireless tower on our land.  I did get a little electronic plug-in that is supposed to help negate the ill effects of wireless energy floating around the house, about a year ago.  Who knows if it works, but its not hurting anything!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Campaign for Liberty

I attempted to watch last night, live. It was horrendous due to bandwidth issues, I assume. However, the chat to the side was highly amusing - what idiots people become when they know they are anonymous!

The "big announcement" Ron Paul made was that he is ending his Presidential bid. While disappointing, I think he does have a good plan to continue to fight for change - the real kind of change - and bring this country back to the roots that made it great.

Campaign for Liberty will officially debut Sept. 2 in Minneapolis in order to coincide with the Republican convention. You can sign up to get updates at Also, the full text of his letter to the people is on the home page. The cool thing is that RP has almost $5million left from donations to his Presidential bid and will be using that to give the new Campaign some legs to stand on. Of course, more donations are always welcome!

I'm excited that he is willing to continue leading the charge for his band of revolutionaries, including myself. Join the cause!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Friends are Friends Forever

I had a wonderful time visiting my hometown for about 3 days. My son always enjoys visiting Nana and Grandpa, and normally the trips are only 1-2 days so that's what I do as well. My objective for this trip was to visit my parents along with as many friends as I could before I started my classes.

I was able to have a 4 hour conversation with 2 different high school friends - one at Logan's and one at my parents' home. That was great! I also spent less time with 3 other old friends. It is amazing to me that after 13 years of living elsewhere in the country and little contact with these ladies we could pick up where we left off and enjoy each other's life stories.

I hope all of you reading this have the chance to do the same with the friends in your life!

PS - I mowed the grass again yesterday, and was able to cut the time in half from the previous (and first) attempt! Go me!