Friday, March 21, 2008

Rand Paul says the Glass if Half-Full

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

By Rand Paul, MD

Analysis of Ron Paul’s success or failure all seem to miss the mark. Many critics point to this or that ad or this or that tactic that prevented victory. I think such analysis misses the forest for the trees.

I believe that no candidate can win the presidency without the day in and day out constant television coverage. In other words, unless the media grants you first tier coverage, the electorate will not vote for you in significant numbers. A large percentage of voters will not vote for a candidate they don’t believe can win and that belief in "winnability" is still entirely controlled by the MSM.

That said, I think we should revel in the extraordinary successes of the campaign.

Ron Paul began with nearly zero name recognition and was relegated from the beginning by all MSM media to the second tier. I believe pundits should recognize the great strides in achieving between 5 and 10% of the vote in almost every state and receiving 11% in a Rasmussen poll running as a third party candidate. Not to mention over 20% in several caucus states, including second place in Nevada, Montana, and Louisiana.

Ron Paul’s name recognition nationally now likely exceeds 50% of the electorate.

Any analysis must begin by acknowledging that many better-known US Senators and Governors received less of the popular vote. Many such as Biden and Dodd received less than 1% even though they have been staples of the Sunday morning news programs for decades. Not to mention the fact that Ron Paul trounced candidates with far greater name recognition such as Fred Thompson and Rudy Guliani.

I believe Ron Paul gained nearly the maximum possible vote in a Republican Party primary. Polls in NH show that only 6% of Republicans believe in immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Nearly 50% believe in some in-between position or reassessment of war strategy. About 30% believe in "staying the course" no matter what.

In Michigan, 37% of the Republicans expressed displeasure about the Iraq War and the vast majority of these same people voted for McCain. I believe his image as someone who will challenge Bush and the establishment blinded these voters to his public comments on continuing the war for 100 years if necessary. I also believe if the poll questions asked about "immediate withdrawal" that the percentage in the Republican primary is closer to 6% nationally.

After the last NH presidential debate, I turned around to Chris Matthews and tried to get him to host Ron Paul because Fox was excluding us the next night. His eyes glazed over a bit and he thought about Ron Paul and the Iraq war. You could tell by his response. He said, you know, Ronald Reagan probably wouldn’t have gotten us into the Iraq War. Trying to be agreeable, I nodded my head. He then followed by adding that if McCain had been president we also probably wouldn’t have gone into Iraq.

I shook my head in disbelief and reminded him that the day before McCain had made the comment that he would keep the troops in Iraq for 100 years. Matthews hemmed and hawed and said, "Oh, he’s just being a good soldier now."

My take, Matthews and the liberals in the media love McCain so much for his pandering to their global warming agenda that they simply give him a pass on the war.

In the final analysis, I believe about 5-10% of the Republican Party are ready for a non-interventionist foreign policy and Ron Paul got that vote. A significant portion of the electorate heard Ron Paul’s chastisement on the huge federal deficits and nodded their heads in agreement. Innumerable Republicans come up to me and love much of the Ron Paul message, but can’t quite come to agree with the foreign policy of non-intervention.

On foreign policy, at some level, they listened to the message about the erosion of our civil liberties but could not escape the image of helicopters fleeing the embassy in Saigon in 1975. This image still bothers many Republicans and they can’t embrace a quick exit from Iraq even if they know in their heart of hearts we need to leave.

My interpretation of the Ron Paul Revolution, though a biased one as the son of the candidate is that we should rejoice in getting 5-10% of the vote given that we got 1/1000th of the media attention and did not get enough attention to enter the realms of winnability in the public’s mind.

To me, though, the campaign remains an unqualified success. My prediction for 2008: an utter crushing defeat for Republicans. Not out of anger for Ron Paul’s loss, I think he won, but because Republicans are failing on two fronts: not living up to the promises of limited government and balanced budgets and failing to understand how unpopular the Iraq War has become.

One last prediction! We will elect at least one Ron Paul Republican to Congress this year.

Rand Paul, MD

Bowling Green, KY

Politics as usual

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our county's convention was really....ummm, unenlightening? Ron Paul supporters were there, but outnumbered by "the establishment", who were all anxious to get home to watch the rescheduled UK ballgame by 11am (dang that Atlanta tornado!). We didn’t get started until after 10:15 because the ’nominating committee’ went into a secret room to nail down the nominations and came back late.

The correct order of business was followed, although many steps seemed to have been left out. They were about to adjourn, directly after we voted all the delegates in, when hubby stood up and got the resolution for the abolishment of the Fed passed, 15 to 5. Yeah! So at least that much will go to Kentucky Congressional District 2’s convention. We didn’t push our luck by trying to pass the other 11 resolutions at this time.

This is the first time I have ever attended anything related to politics, so I really am not sure what happened. Maybe someone can explain this to me. Last Saturday I thought the snow had canceled the precinct captain elections, but didn’t go myself, so don’t know for sure. This Saturday, we approved the nominations for precinct and delegates, one right after the other. This was done as a group - meaning we voted for all the captain, co-captains, youth captains for all precincts at one time - or we said no to them all. We weren’t invited to nominate anyone for captains or delegates before the voting occurred. Is that normal??

Thanks to the Fed...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thanks to the Fed...

… international confidence in the dollar continues to collapse as fast as our economy. For the first time, the Euro has surpassed $1.55. Many talking-heads (passing themselves off as experts) could be seen on television yesterday praising the Federal Reserve’s move to pump $200 billion into the economy, and Wall Street was temporarily overjoyed.

But the fog is beginning to lift. This is the first election in over a hundred years to include a serious discussion on monetary policy, and more and more people are starting to realize that the "answers" we have been receiving from Washington don’t make any sense. It is our responsibility to spread the word and point to a better way. A great, simple introduction to true economic reform can be found in Dr. Paul’s recent op-ed on, and the principles mentioned therein are expounded upon in Dr. Paul’s "Prescription for Prosperity."

Politics and Heart Attacks

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Translating Leviathanspeak
I thought this was a rather funny translation, and not far off the mark. This person is translating Bloomberg's speech regarding the little bomb at Times Square a couple mornings ago.
In other news, we have a foot of gorgeous snow!! Now that the sun is out, the wind has died down and the snow stopped pouring from they sky, I can really enjoy the beauty of this day. I may never see this much snow on our farm again!

My 3 year old was pretty pumped about having a 'snow fight' this morning, but chickened-out of the snow angel that he'd talked about. He did enjoy throwing snow "balls" - mostly tossing the powder at me. :)

The 3 month old puppies love it too, but I had to bring them in after each play session so they wouldn't freeze to death! Amazing how wet they got in the snow. :) Can you tell I grew up in the south??


Thursday, March 06, 2008

The real cause of Heart Attacks

This is fascinating research about the cause of heart attacks - and it makes good sense! If you or someone you know is suffering from stress, deal with it ASAP. Watch the video and read the article to find out why. If could save a life.

Cow Chasing

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cow chasing

My friend, Jessica, said I should write a blog about my cow chasing last Saturday. I admit that this is not something I will do often - possibly never again, if I did a good job mending the fence. Don't I sound like a country girl now?!

So here's the deal. I live on a farm that is enrolled in the CRP program, meaning we get paid by the government to NOT grow crops or have livestock on the land. Now, I am against such programs in general, as it pays us to be lazy and unproductive, somewhat like welfare. However, its free money and over 15 years will more than pay us back for purchasing our farm, so we're taking it!

Our neighbors aren't in this program and have some productive-looking beef cows just down the valley and we have a lovely barbed-wire (bahb-wahr is how people say it here) fence separating the 2 properties. At least that's what we thought, until a small number of cows were on our land several mornings a week for a while. Before we enrolled in the program, I wasn't too concerned, although it made me angry. After we enrolled, I became very concerned that we would "get caught" with livestock and forfeit our deal, so I watched closely!

Unfortunately, the cows were only visiting sporadically and always in the morning when I was already late getting Luke to preschool. By the time we arrived home by lunch, they were always back to the correct side! I would have called the neighbors, but don't know their names or phone numbers or how to find this out. Plus its like a mile with no good way to get there, and I'm not the type to confront anyway.

So...last Saturday was a gorgeous day and I was child-free by 11am, and saw the cows yet again. I grabbed my horse's lead rope and marched down the hill with my 2 puppies right on my heels (literally). I was thinking something like this - cows are stupid, stubborn and slow, I'll have to beat them half to death before they move or get the puppies to bite them...I hope I don't sink in a mudhole, I hope they move - you get the idea.

When I think I may be within earshot, I start yelling, not thinking it will do any good, but didn't want to surprise them and get kicked or something. So I started yelling about how this was my land and they'd better go back home before they regretted it - and those black heads shot up from grazing, looked quickly at each other and RAN. I mean high-tailed it all the way back through that hole in the fence, at least a quarter-mile. I couldn't believe it!

Now I had to find and fix the hole. Me and those puppies marched all the way to the edge of our acreage and find the spot. It wasn't hard - a big muddy patch under a single strand of barbed-wire with tufts of black hair stuck all over it. On my way to the fence, I spotted an old tired and a rusty coffee can that had washed up during a previous flood (monthly creek-rising, really) and hauled them to the hole. I put the tire down and stuck the can inside, directly under the fence. I fought the blackberry bushes back on either side of the hole to grab the wire and twine them together again (no gloves, no tools...but the only scratch I got was from the blackberry thorns!). I found large branches and small and created the best barricade I could, grinding them into the mud and leaning them on trees and each other.

So far, they haven't made their way back over again!

The Federal Reserve

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Federal Reserve - on

Here is the link to the Ron Paul Daily:

And here is the article:

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is testifying on Capitol Hill today (CNBC is airing the proceedings), and Ron Paul has been pressing him to account for his policies. This statement, which Dr. Paul made yesterday, outlines some of the key issues:

Mr. Chairman,

Price controls are almost universally reviled by economists. The negative economic consequences of price floors or price ceilings are numerous and well-documented. Our current series of hearings have been called to discuss the most important, but least understood, price manipulation in the world today: the manipulation of the interest rate.

By setting the federal funds rate, the rate at which banks in the Federal Reserve System loan funds to each other, the Federal Reserve inhibits the actions of market participants coming together to determine a market interest rate. The Federal Reserve and the federal government do not deign to interfere in setting the price of houses, the interest rate on mortgages, or the prices of wood and steel. The Fed's actions in setting the federal funds rate however, because it reflects the price of money to a borrower and thus affects demand for money, affects prices throughout the economy in a manner less pervasive but just as damaging as direct price controls.

The example of the Soviet Union should have taught us that no one person, no group of people, no matter how scientifically trained, can arbitrarily set prices and not expect economic havoc. Only the spontaneous interaction of market participants can lead to the development of a functioning price system that allows the needs and wants of all participants to be met. The sense I get from reading much of the punditry is that the federal funds rate is set often by the whims of the Federal Reserve governors. Even mechanistic explanations such as the Taylor Rule rely on inputs that are often left up to the discretion of the Fed policymakers: what is the potential GDP, do we use CPI or PCE, overall CPI versus CPI less energy and food, etc.

The setting of the interest rate strikes me as quite similar to the way FDR used to set gold prices in the 1930's, at his whim, resulting in economic havoc and uncertainty. When market actors have to devote much of their time to discerning the mindset of government price-setters, to parsing FOMC statements and minutes, they are necessarily diverted from productive economic activity. They cease to become purely economic actors and are forced to become political forecasters. This is not a problem isolated to this particular case, as businesses are forced to reckon with tax increases, expiring tax credits, import tariffs, subsidies to competitors, etc. However, because the interest rate determines the cost of borrowing and therefore determines whether or not marginal long-term business investments are undertaken, this politicized interest rate manipulation has far more impact than other government policies.

This setting of the interest rate introduces the business cycle into the economy. Until we understand the results these Federal Reserve actions have, we will be doomed to repeat these periods of boom and bust. I urge my colleagues to study this matter, and to resist the urge for greater Federal Reserve intervention in the market.

My thoughts - Go Dr. Paul! You are the voice of reason in this arena.

History backs him up, totally, from my understanding. From reading his book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom, I know how right-on he has been throughout the last 30 years. Reading his speeches in Congress is like reading a fortune-tellers story, and shame on the rest of our government not listening and taking those speeches to heart to create some real change. If Congress and the Fed had been listening from the beginning, many of the problems we are facing now would have been avoided, and the est would be greatly lessened. Make sure to tune in to CNBC today.

Delegate count and McCain

Thursday, February 14, 2008

McCain is not mathematically assured of the GOP nomination!

Delegates!!! McCain is not a lock for the is the math.... Please repost this!!
Posted February 13th, 2008 by GiveMeLiberty

Some are it again on this site, saying that McCain will be the nominee.....

I wish you people understood the delegate process and stop folding like a house of cards.....if that were the case, don't you think RP would have quit by now?

Do some research!!!!

When McCain reaches 1191 as declared by the MSM, that will really not be the case. He is not guaranteed all of those delegates.



Bound or pledged delegates are committed to the winner of the primary to vote for that candidate in the first round.

Many states have yet to pick delegates. Of those that have, RP has very high delegate counts even though he hasn't won a single primary. How? Well people just simply apply. More of RP supporters are willing to become delegates than McCaine supporters.....Ask some here that have become RP delegates.

The primaries and caucases are nothing more than window dressing. Delegates are not chosen the day of the primary/caucas.

The only thing the primaries/caucases do is commit the BOUND/PLEDGED delegates to the winner either by winner take all or proportioned out.

At the convention, there will be bound.pledged and unbound/unpledged delegates. NOT ALL DELEGATES FOR EACH STATE ARE BOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The unbound/unpledged can vote for anyone!!!!!

At the convention, if McInsane does not get 51% of the delegate vote on the first round, then they vote again. In the next round, delegates can vote for whomever they want.

Read and learn please!!!!! and spread the word to everyone you can.

According to the sight below, here are the bound and unbound totals as of today.....McCain has 796 bound and 18 unbound delegates.


Now lets do some math:
McCain needs 395 bound delegates to reach 1191

Of the remaining states:

texas - 137 bound and 3 unbound
ohio - 88 UNBOUND
South Dakota - 24 bound and 3 unbound
wisconsin - 37 bound and 3 unbound
vermont - 17 bound
idaho - 26 bound and 6 unbound
hawaii - 20 bound
pennsylvannia - 74 UNBOUND
oregon - 27 bound and 3 unbound
puerto rico - 20 bound and 3 unbound
north carolina - 69 bound
indianna - 27 bound and 30 UNBOUND
kentucky - 45 bound
mississippi - 36 bound and 3 unbound
RI - 17 bound and 3 unbound
nebraska - 30 bound and 3 unbound
new mexico - 29 bound and 3 unbound

There are 561 bound delegates left of which Mr. McCain must win 71% of to reach when was the last time he won with 71% of the vote?

Now Huck will probably win Nebraska, Kentucky, miss, and SD.......if this happens, then McCain would have to win just about every remaining delegate, and that is not likely to happen.

Basically, McCain would almost have to run the board of the other states to win......not likely.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Vermont is the only winner take all state remaining, so even if McCain wins a state, he does not get all of the bound delegates.


Presidential Candidate of Your Choice Ready?

The next few posts will be copied from Myspace - many of them are articles with my opinion stuck at the bottom.

Is the Presidential Candidate of Your Choice Ready to Save a Sinking Ship?

For full article, go to

You are a woman, maybe a feminist. This election a woman is running for President. You feel it's your gender's turn.

You are an ethnic or racial minority and a man with dark skin is running for President. You feel it's about time.

You are a negative voter. You vote against candidates you abhor, like Hillary, more than you vote for a candidate's platform. So you settle for the candidate of the opposing major party.

You are a patriotic American, you don't want cutbacks in military spending, and you want a "kick ass" President who will show the world America is boss. You vote for the ex-military man, McCain.

You are, like most Americans, reading about the new billionaires who founded Google, or you read about the tax breaks the rich are getting. When Democratic Party candidates say they will tax the rich to fund universal health care, you buy into the idea. It's only fair.

You are never informed the "rich," the top 25 or 30 percent of wage earners, already pay most of the government's bills, about 70% of taxes. The recent tax rebate, to stimulate the economy, was a government giveaway to many people who paid little or no taxes. The people who paid most of the taxes got no rebate.

You are a Christian. You want a President that breathes the rhetoric of God. You want a President who will continue to pursue the Islamist fascists, spawned by "towel head" Muslims whose competing religion is spreading fast. Your vote goes to Huckabee.

You are among the one-third of American homeowners who refinanced their homes as values rose, pulling $1 trillion out of equity that temporarily catapulted the economy, but you now face a variable interest rate mortgage that is about to rise. Or you bought a home with no down payment and now you face foreclosure. You're not sure which Presidential candidate addresses your plight. Nor are you assured it won't happen again.

You receive a tax refund this year, and you've got a bit more money to pay off your credit cards, till 2009, when yet another slowdown in consumer spending will occur, predictably right after the November election. The loans most likely to go into foreclosure have been frozen so everything will appear normal for the election.

Suddenly you realize, the war in Iraq, which was so overwhelmingly opposed, has now, somehow, been relegated to a side issue in the Presidential election. Military deaths in Iraq have suddenly declined. There are fewer roadside bombings, as if orchestrated on cue. Only one remaining candidate claims he will withdraw troops and put a halt to the growing and perpetual war-based economy. This fact escapes your attention. Your attention has been drawn away from the war and towards issues like universal health care.

Whom will voters choose?

The politically correct voter will opt for Hillary or Obama.

The negative voter will vote against Hillary.

The lower income voters, the masses, will likely fall for the carrot at the end of the stick and vote to tax the rich in hopes for universal health care. (A mandated health care plan in Massachusetts is already in financial trouble and a California plan had to be tabled when it became clear it could not be launched at a time when the economy is souring.)

The ship of state is sinking

Are any of these candidates prepared to correct course and keep the ship of state from sinking? Sinking? Yes, the greatest success story in economic history is about to capsize and drag the rest of the world into a watery grave with it.

Most voters really haven't a clue what is really happening to America. You are being swayed by an orchestrated campaign by the news media that you cannot fathom. The TV networks want to create an image that everything is OK, so consumers will keep buying goods and services from the sponsors of the TV programs. The national brain-washing machine, the TV set, is how this consumer propaganda is communicated. Living beyond one's means has become the norm in America.

America can be likened to a cruise ship that is taking on water faster than it can be bailed out. If the issue in your mind is whether the ship's captain is female, or black, or is willing to offer more free services while on your cruise, or wants to mount more machine guns on the deck to deter terrorists, you are completely distracted from the imminent crisis that confronts America.

The ship's captain may continue to issue assurances from the helm, but not only is the boat taking on water, it is headed for an iceberg! The news media is akin to the public address system on the ship. Keep the people distracted from the real danger that lies ahead. No sense panicking the customers.

For rest of story, go to

My personal take: Go Ron Paul! He may not win, but he can sure teach us a thing or too! Wake up, Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Playing catch-up

I'm fairly sure I have no regular readers at this point, since there isn't anything to read regularly. I have become a myspace and facebook addict, and have been blogging on myspace fairly regularly in the past couple of months. So my plan is to copy those blogs over here in a few parts, then to keep them in sync from here on out. We'll see how that goes!

To fill in the gap, from last July until my myspace blogging began, here is my story.

We worked hard to get the house done before winter set in. I cleaned and shopped for furniture. I pulled up carpet staples and put primer on the walls in the new home. We bought a shop vac and I used it - several times. I picked out flooring and carpet, and that was installed by professionals, thank goodness. Anyone who has ever built a home most likely knows what we went through, but at long last it was done. We moved the last week of Sept, 07 - and promptly saw a bobcat through the window.

Since the bobcat, I have seen one wolf, and several lobster-sized crawdads/crayfish, turkey and deer. My house-cat, Cookie, disappeared a few days after we moved in, so I regretted moving her outside. My dog, Buster disappeared mid-December and we got 2 puppies in January. My horse enjoys it out here, and the barn cat is doing fine. I still miss Buster - he was the best dog in the world. The puppies need a lot of work, but I'll get them trained before they weight much more than my son, hopefully.

Hubby finished his year as Lions governor, and has been able to spend more time at home, which has been nice. I went back to doing marketing and retail for our business full-time, but am missing my own marketing business.

I have kept up with playing handbells, and sing in the choir on occasion. I have done a decent job of coordinating the MOPS group at our church, and have helped start a Teen MOPS group as well. I am volunteering some hours at a local home for pregnant teens, and have created their website and set up the computers on-site.  My son turned 3 and started half-day preschool in January, so we have afternoons together at home. So, yes I'm still busy, but with different things!

I'm enjoying the schedule I'm keeping now, which allows me to focus on work in the morning, and finish up my work during DS's naptime. I am able to eat most of my meals at home and avoid the cost and health hazards of eating out. I'm cooking more. I'm trying to keep my house out of CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome) by using the Flylady's methods ( - but am barely fluttering right now.

We got an iPod and I love it! I listen to podcasts, DS watches his shows on the road, and I've got all my and DH's music in one place. AND all my photos for the past year or so.

One last development in the past few months is our interest in politics. We have always been apathetic or angry, but never overly interested in the political process, even when hubby ran for city council a while back. However, we got on the Ron Paul 2008 bandwagon, and I have learned LOADS about how this country works, how it was meant to work, and ways we may fix the problems.