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Presidential Candidate of Your Choice Ready?

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Is the Presidential Candidate of Your Choice Ready to Save a Sinking Ship?

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You are a woman, maybe a feminist. This election a woman is running for President. You feel it's your gender's turn.

You are an ethnic or racial minority and a man with dark skin is running for President. You feel it's about time.

You are a negative voter. You vote against candidates you abhor, like Hillary, more than you vote for a candidate's platform. So you settle for the candidate of the opposing major party.

You are a patriotic American, you don't want cutbacks in military spending, and you want a "kick ass" President who will show the world America is boss. You vote for the ex-military man, McCain.

You are, like most Americans, reading about the new billionaires who founded Google, or you read about the tax breaks the rich are getting. When Democratic Party candidates say they will tax the rich to fund universal health care, you buy into the idea. It's only fair.

You are never informed the "rich," the top 25 or 30 percent of wage earners, already pay most of the government's bills, about 70% of taxes. The recent tax rebate, to stimulate the economy, was a government giveaway to many people who paid little or no taxes. The people who paid most of the taxes got no rebate.

You are a Christian. You want a President that breathes the rhetoric of God. You want a President who will continue to pursue the Islamist fascists, spawned by "towel head" Muslims whose competing religion is spreading fast. Your vote goes to Huckabee.

You are among the one-third of American homeowners who refinanced their homes as values rose, pulling $1 trillion out of equity that temporarily catapulted the economy, but you now face a variable interest rate mortgage that is about to rise. Or you bought a home with no down payment and now you face foreclosure. You're not sure which Presidential candidate addresses your plight. Nor are you assured it won't happen again.

You receive a tax refund this year, and you've got a bit more money to pay off your credit cards, till 2009, when yet another slowdown in consumer spending will occur, predictably right after the November election. The loans most likely to go into foreclosure have been frozen so everything will appear normal for the election.

Suddenly you realize, the war in Iraq, which was so overwhelmingly opposed, has now, somehow, been relegated to a side issue in the Presidential election. Military deaths in Iraq have suddenly declined. There are fewer roadside bombings, as if orchestrated on cue. Only one remaining candidate claims he will withdraw troops and put a halt to the growing and perpetual war-based economy. This fact escapes your attention. Your attention has been drawn away from the war and towards issues like universal health care.

Whom will voters choose?

The politically correct voter will opt for Hillary or Obama.

The negative voter will vote against Hillary.

The lower income voters, the masses, will likely fall for the carrot at the end of the stick and vote to tax the rich in hopes for universal health care. (A mandated health care plan in Massachusetts is already in financial trouble and a California plan had to be tabled when it became clear it could not be launched at a time when the economy is souring.)

The ship of state is sinking

Are any of these candidates prepared to correct course and keep the ship of state from sinking? Sinking? Yes, the greatest success story in economic history is about to capsize and drag the rest of the world into a watery grave with it.

Most voters really haven't a clue what is really happening to America. You are being swayed by an orchestrated campaign by the news media that you cannot fathom. The TV networks want to create an image that everything is OK, so consumers will keep buying goods and services from the sponsors of the TV programs. The national brain-washing machine, the TV set, is how this consumer propaganda is communicated. Living beyond one's means has become the norm in America.

America can be likened to a cruise ship that is taking on water faster than it can be bailed out. If the issue in your mind is whether the ship's captain is female, or black, or is willing to offer more free services while on your cruise, or wants to mount more machine guns on the deck to deter terrorists, you are completely distracted from the imminent crisis that confronts America.

The ship's captain may continue to issue assurances from the helm, but not only is the boat taking on water, it is headed for an iceberg! The news media is akin to the public address system on the ship. Keep the people distracted from the real danger that lies ahead. No sense panicking the customers.

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My personal take: Go Ron Paul! He may not win, but he can sure teach us a thing or too! Wake up, Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!

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