Thursday, March 20, 2008

Playing catch-up

I'm fairly sure I have no regular readers at this point, since there isn't anything to read regularly. I have become a myspace and facebook addict, and have been blogging on myspace fairly regularly in the past couple of months. So my plan is to copy those blogs over here in a few parts, then to keep them in sync from here on out. We'll see how that goes!

To fill in the gap, from last July until my myspace blogging began, here is my story.

We worked hard to get the house done before winter set in. I cleaned and shopped for furniture. I pulled up carpet staples and put primer on the walls in the new home. We bought a shop vac and I used it - several times. I picked out flooring and carpet, and that was installed by professionals, thank goodness. Anyone who has ever built a home most likely knows what we went through, but at long last it was done. We moved the last week of Sept, 07 - and promptly saw a bobcat through the window.

Since the bobcat, I have seen one wolf, and several lobster-sized crawdads/crayfish, turkey and deer. My house-cat, Cookie, disappeared a few days after we moved in, so I regretted moving her outside. My dog, Buster disappeared mid-December and we got 2 puppies in January. My horse enjoys it out here, and the barn cat is doing fine. I still miss Buster - he was the best dog in the world. The puppies need a lot of work, but I'll get them trained before they weight much more than my son, hopefully.

Hubby finished his year as Lions governor, and has been able to spend more time at home, which has been nice. I went back to doing marketing and retail for our business full-time, but am missing my own marketing business.

I have kept up with playing handbells, and sing in the choir on occasion. I have done a decent job of coordinating the MOPS group at our church, and have helped start a Teen MOPS group as well. I am volunteering some hours at a local home for pregnant teens, and have created their website and set up the computers on-site.  My son turned 3 and started half-day preschool in January, so we have afternoons together at home. So, yes I'm still busy, but with different things!

I'm enjoying the schedule I'm keeping now, which allows me to focus on work in the morning, and finish up my work during DS's naptime. I am able to eat most of my meals at home and avoid the cost and health hazards of eating out. I'm cooking more. I'm trying to keep my house out of CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome) by using the Flylady's methods ( - but am barely fluttering right now.

We got an iPod and I love it! I listen to podcasts, DS watches his shows on the road, and I've got all my and DH's music in one place. AND all my photos for the past year or so.

One last development in the past few months is our interest in politics. We have always been apathetic or angry, but never overly interested in the political process, even when hubby ran for city council a while back. However, we got on the Ron Paul 2008 bandwagon, and I have learned LOADS about how this country works, how it was meant to work, and ways we may fix the problems.

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