Friday, March 21, 2008

Politics as usual

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our county's convention was really....ummm, unenlightening? Ron Paul supporters were there, but outnumbered by "the establishment", who were all anxious to get home to watch the rescheduled UK ballgame by 11am (dang that Atlanta tornado!). We didn’t get started until after 10:15 because the ’nominating committee’ went into a secret room to nail down the nominations and came back late.

The correct order of business was followed, although many steps seemed to have been left out. They were about to adjourn, directly after we voted all the delegates in, when hubby stood up and got the resolution for the abolishment of the Fed passed, 15 to 5. Yeah! So at least that much will go to Kentucky Congressional District 2’s convention. We didn’t push our luck by trying to pass the other 11 resolutions at this time.

This is the first time I have ever attended anything related to politics, so I really am not sure what happened. Maybe someone can explain this to me. Last Saturday I thought the snow had canceled the precinct captain elections, but didn’t go myself, so don’t know for sure. This Saturday, we approved the nominations for precinct and delegates, one right after the other. This was done as a group - meaning we voted for all the captain, co-captains, youth captains for all precincts at one time - or we said no to them all. We weren’t invited to nominate anyone for captains or delegates before the voting occurred. Is that normal??

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