Saturday, July 14, 2012

Petition to Protect Young Children

This petition was started by a lady I know personally.  Its called

Revise / establish a law that recognizes and acknowledges emotional trauma in small children

 Please look this over, and sign if you agree!  I'm surprised there isn't already legislation to cover this situation, honestly.  I'm all for parental rights and less government interfering in our daily lives.  However, if a parent abandons a child to another caregiver for a significant length of time, the baby isn't going to know the parent and be attached to the caregiver instead.  Foster kids are often diagnosed with RAD, and abandonment is one of the main reasons.  Even if that parent comes back, the damage to the child's trust has occurred.   (Just my two cents.  I'm not an expert by any means.)

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Updated House Rules

I got tired of looking at the same house rules and decided to do some updating, adding some specifics and making it more positive than last time.  You may remember my previous House Rules.  I liked them, but they weren't very pretty so I've created this free download of our rules .  If you just want to see it, here you go (but the fonts didn't transfer exactly - I'm new to this).

House Rules
     JOY – put Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.
Speak kindly. No foul language or hurtful words.
Always tell the truth! Report, but don't tattle.
Show respect and earn it.
Obey God, parents and leaders.
Be responsible. Work before play, and chores before meals.
Use nice touches. No hitting, spitting, biting.
No whining or throwing fits. Upset? Breathe deep, cool down, talk.
Clean up after yourself. Every time. Every place.
Include everyone in play. Share .
Turn off the lights, TV, game system, and music when you leave a room.
Toys must stay in the play room or your own room.
No rough play, running or shouting indoors.
Snack only from approved foods.
Eat only in the kitchen unless otherwise instructed.
Read for 30 minutes a day.
Friends can come over after chores are done.
Screen time is limited to 2 hours a day. This includes TV, computer, Wii, DS, PSP and iThings.
Games and movies must be pre-approved and have a rating of E or E10+, and G or PG.
Lights out by 8:30.
Created by For personal use only.


 Aren't they pretty??  Now I need to find a lovely frame...or use one of the cute ideas from Pinterest to get it on the wall!