Friday, June 13, 2008

Campaign for Liberty

I attempted to watch last night, live. It was horrendous due to bandwidth issues, I assume. However, the chat to the side was highly amusing - what idiots people become when they know they are anonymous!

The "big announcement" Ron Paul made was that he is ending his Presidential bid. While disappointing, I think he does have a good plan to continue to fight for change - the real kind of change - and bring this country back to the roots that made it great.

Campaign for Liberty will officially debut Sept. 2 in Minneapolis in order to coincide with the Republican convention. You can sign up to get updates at Also, the full text of his letter to the people is on the home page. The cool thing is that RP has almost $5million left from donations to his Presidential bid and will be using that to give the new Campaign some legs to stand on. Of course, more donations are always welcome!

I'm excited that he is willing to continue leading the charge for his band of revolutionaries, including myself. Join the cause!!

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