Saturday, October 08, 2011


Yes, I am pro-life and always have been. God, through the Bible, is very clear that murder is wrong, and that he has a plan for us even as we are being formed in the womb.  As such, it should be clear to those who call themselves Christians that abortion is wrong - it is a sin.  Now, as with all other sins, God gives grace and mercy to those who repent - say they are sorry and turn away from the wrong and towards their Lord Jesus.  It isn't the unforgiveable sin, but it does have consequences.

Is there a gray area when the mother's life is at risk?  Perhaps - if not killing the baby kills the mother instead, it could become a matter of whose life is more important.  I'm not qualified to answer that question, but I know that in the vast majority of abortions, the mother is facing just as much risk having the baby killed as she would going through with the pregnancy.

I've read an article this evening about the horrors - see here.  I read another from the same site that was uplifting - see here.  Yesterday on the way back from our fall vacation, I was listening to My Family Talk through my iPad, which had a 2-part show on abortion and Planned Parenthood, which was fascinating (listen here - part 1 and part 2).  And the week before, I watched a video called 180.  Ironic how suddenly the issue of abortion is being thrown in my face from all angles - I'm not sure why, but thought I would at least pass on what I've learned. I doubt the devil wants to make me more aware, so it must be God.  If you only have a few minutes to spare, read the articles, and come back for the radio and movie when you have a bit more time. 

Warning:  the movie is not for children or the faint of heart.  I closed my eyes during some of it and managed to not have nightmares.  The radio show, My Family Talk, is fine for your kids, since its not graphic, but you should definitely listen first and decide that for yourself.

(If you have already had an abortion, I just found this broadcast as well, which may be of encouragement to you.)

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