Thursday, July 03, 2008


Happy birthday to me!! I'm a 4th of July, firecracker baby and my present from my wonderful Navy Pilot brother was a flyby!

He is lieutenant (I think) and is based at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma and I haven't seen him in a year and half. Hard to believe, but true. He is so good at what he does, they keep promoting him and now he is a trainer and the main pilot for one of the E-6 planes (top secret stuff!).

So about noon today he called me and asked if I could get to Bowling Green this afternoon, so I talked to DH and we determined that was a bit far so I called him back and asked for an alternate destination. We ended up going to Elizabethtown's Addington Field (I didn't even know they had an airport!) to watch the huge plane make a couple passes in the rain. DS, age 3, was so excited about his that he was running around the tarmac getting soaked.

I got some pictures of the plane flying over, but they won't do justice the the sound and sheer coolness factor of being there. I got to hear my brother on the flight radio thing (sorry, don't know the jargon!) saying he was coming in to fly over the airfield. The other pilots and people around were all quite amazed, and wondering what he was doing! I just said "its my birthday!" and let them wonder :)

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  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    What an awesome birthday present and looks like your boy was having fun. How cute!!