Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Separation Angst

The past month since my last post has been full of drama. Unfortunately, I can't share a lot of this publicly, but let me say I have been challenged in many ways by FD and am glad she is finally in counseling. She should have been all along, and the state failed her. I stepped in more than once, and finally got it arranged, and just in time.

FS is enjoying the days and nights with Daddy, but his attachment to me has become stronger, just as FD's has. Both of them still love the time with Mommy (now 4 hours) but other than that, they don't want to leave me. They've accepted that school isn't a choice, but every other separation is cause for a melt-down or protest. Its hard, especially when that is displayed in front of FS's dad. It would hurt any parent's feelings! I'm not sure what has caused it in FS, since he always has a good time with his daddy. Please pray for both of them in this difficult time in their little lives.

Halloween is upon us, and costumes have been bought and worn around the house to play in. I have a SpiderMan, Buzz Lightyear, and Spider Witch, which FD prefers to call Spiderella :) We will dress them up for school parties Thursday and Friday, then go to the county "safe spot" on Saturday afternoon. Our candy bowl is still full from previous candy-sprees - Labor Day parade, Valentine's day, parent and grandparent guilt or spoiling, etc. - but we'll get some fresh in it! I heard a good tip the other day - freeze the half of it that's not labeled for Halloween and put it in the Christmas stocking! Sneaky, huh?

I'd like to pretend that once Halloween has come and gone that November will be a nice, calm month. However, experience is keeping me from deluding myself. Family plans are up in the air because my brother is Navy and separated from his wife and I have NO CLUE how the cabinet will deal with foster kids in this situation. I know my parents want to see the kids - but so do their biological parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other half-siblings. SO complicated, but hopefully we'll get a "fair" arrangement figured out for a minimum of tears.

Happy Halloween!!

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