Friday, February 11, 2011

They've Flown the Nest

Our first pair of foster children were with us for 6 and 1/2 months, and what a trip it was! They have been back with their mother for 1 week now, and the house has been very quiet, especially since DS has been sick or at his grandparents house most of that time.

I got the rooms cleaned out, cleaned up and ready for more kids, and am trying to emotionally prepare in the same way. Everyone keeps saying "I couldn't do it. I don't know how you do it. I would get too attached." Well, there is an attachment, and I'm not sure how I am able to handle it so well, other than God called me into it and He will see me through it. I've teared up a few times, and really cried only once, right after the judge's ruling. I have been able to relax and enjoy the quiet, for the most part...reading books, entering sweepstakes, taking surveys, watching it snow, and taking care of my own son.

Speaking of my wonderful DS, he is taking this fabulously as well. It takes a generous and understanding child, especially at age 5/6, to do what he has done and I am so proud of him! He had very few toys stashed in his room that were off-limits to the others, and shared everything else he had. After being an "only" for so long, I was wondering how long the sharing would last, but it never stopped. I've asked him several times, before and since the foster kids left, if he wanted more and he has said yes every single time. He loves and misses the ones that have moved on, just like my husband and I do, but he is able to let them go (with hugs and kisses!) and open up to more.

Granted, its not been all candy and happy faces, but it was worth it. DS had bouts of wanting to be alone, which caused hurt feelings for the others. They had sibling spats and rivalry. On the other hand, they also cuddled together for TV, read to each other, played computer games and Wii together, and best of all, played imaginative games together. Oh, to be able to share video of those times! Nothing is funnier than listening to kids in the playroom when they think no one is paying attention to them. Except maybe when they are loudly whispering to each other and "sneaking" up on me, LOL.

I will always remember those two and the joys and tribulations they brought along. I'm looking forward to seeing what God thinks I can handle next, and trying to enjoy the unexpected time off until then. Bless all of you other foster parents who are able to care, then let go and let God.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog - Light at Home. Now as I'm looking through your blog, I am happy to find a fellow foster parent. It's always encouraging to read others' stories of trials and triumphs. God will bless your family for your open hearts! Grace to you!
    Shannon in Indiana <><