Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Time on My Hands

Its been over a month since the foster kids left, and while I'm more used to the general quiet, I'm not sure I like it. Don't get me wrong, I need moments of quiet every day, but days of quiet does actually get old! So what have I been doing with the time on my hands?

Reading. I've explored all the eReaders out there that have apps for the iPhone and tried to read something on each. My favorite is Kobo, and there list of free books is almost as extensive as Amazon's Kindle freebies. I like Kobo better than Kindle or iBooks because it makes a game out of reading - I get "rewards" for reading at different times of the day, completing a number of books, or downloading new ones. Silly, but fun :) I can also post my "activity" to Facebook which is cool, although I'm pretty sure no one really cares what book I just finished reading, LOL. I'm also in a beta-testing group for a new ePublisher, which is lots of fun and means more free books. In addition to electronic books, I have been trying to get through my 2 foot high stack of magazines, and a few "real" books. My latest "real" read is "The Homeschooling Handbook" by Mary Griffith.

The "Handbook" claims to be what every person should read before homeschooling, and I agree that it has a lot of useful information, covering all the who, what, when, where and why's of homeschooling. It talks of the different methods and doesn't leave out any part of the structured to unschooled spectrum. So, if you are considering homeschooling as I am, I recommend you pick this up.

What?! you may be saying. YOU want to homeschool?? Well, yes, I think I want to give it a shot. Hubby is on board with looking into more details - cost, mostly, because he is a financial planner for a living. I'm more curious about how an actual day would go, and while that is covered in the book, nothing is the same as seeing it done. Luckily, I have some friends locally who have been doing this a number of years so I am planning on crashing their houses before making a final decision.

Why?! Many reasons - political, religious, and developmental, plus my son is already tired of school halfway through kindergarten. He hasn't had any bad experiences, its just the way that school is. Too much sitting, not enough play is what he said. I like his teachers and have no problem with them, but he is already doing such repetitive stuff that I have no doubt boredom is already part of the reason he "just doesn't like it". Basically, I don't want his natural curiosity and love for learning to be snuffed out before he turns 7. Or ever.

As we look into this further, I may describe to you the political and religious reasons, but to me they are just reinforcing reasons, not the main point. For now, I'm keeping an open mind and seeing where God leads us. And really hoping that some more foster kids come my way soon...although no calls means less children taken from their parents, and that is usually a good thing.


  1. You're welcome over here any time!

  2. I think Kindergarten will be this way for those children that have gone to preschool, especially at LCA. I think they are more advanced than some, therefore the boredom. I believe I would give 1st grade a try and see if it is different.

    I questioned someone about the PE for Kindergarten and they said they weren't sure if there was any PE at all in thier curiculum. I think that might change in 1st grade.

    As I've said before, I feel there will be more opportunities, especially later on, in public schools.

    Just a retired school teacher and concerned grandparent's opinion.

  3. Thanks, Kelly. We'll plan something soon. Betty, I knew what your feelings would be and you may be right, but if I'm wrong, he can always go back to school. They do have recess sometimes and once a week gym time, just like the other grades.