Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Waiting Game

We will be getting more foster children! But when?? The first time we got a call, we had only a few hours to prepare, and they were brought to our door and stayed for over 6 months. It will be 3 months tomorrow without foster children, and we were starting to wonder if we had done something wrong or offended the wrong person. A call last Friday afternoon put those worries to rest, and we accepted the opportunity. However, we don't yet have them and this threw me for a loop.

I called the R&C worker yesterday morning and was told that she would contact the kid's social worker so she could make arrangements for transfer. Then I called yesterday afternoon before their office closed and left a message. So the R&C worker called me back this morning to say that nothing was wrong, and the plan hasn't changed. This sort of delay is very common and often the case worker will be all in a rush to find a new home, then the R&C worker will make all those calls to make it happen and find one, then the case worker slows things down for one reason or another. So, okay, we are still getting these 2 young'uns, maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

The stress stems from not having any control over the situation, and is exhausting. My DH said I slept very soundly last night, as he was up and down for hours after I went to bed early (10pm). Its hard to concentrate too fully on a task, knowing you could get a call any second that will change your world for a few months or even years!

In the midst of the waiting, I am continuing my learning about home schooling. It seems you are not allowed to home school foster children in most states, if not all. And that's okay, its an understandable rule, as they children will most likely be forced back into public school during the next phase of their lives, and could end up too far ahead or behind. The plan is to educate my DS at home and let that be our special time together while the FK's (foster kids) head off on the big yellow bus. This summer I will *attempt* to go through Ambleside Online's Year 0 with all of them, since they are all a good age for it.

Wishing fellow Kentuckians some drier weather in the near future,


  1. I was wondering about homeschooling foster kids. It makes sense in some ways, but you're definitely going to be giving those kids an educational boost.

  2. Its not allowed in Kentucky, I found out during a meeting with the R&C worker. So, FS will be in head start and FD in 1st grade, since their bio parents agreed to that.