Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back to School Night - FD age 6

Back-to-school night is an oft anticipated time for many children...and equally dreaded by the rest.  I always looked forward to school - or at least the shopping involved. To this day, I just love fresh notebooks, clean index cards, brand-new pens, crayons, markers, etc.  Its like they represent the hope of what could be - endless possibilities.  New beginnings often make me feel that way.

Tonight was FD's night.  She was excited to go since she is a very sociable and affectionate little girl.  We sat in assembly and listened to rules (well, I listened and she leaned, laid and otherwise wallowed on me).  Then everyone was off to their classrooms.  Ms. Tracy is her 1st grade teacher and seems sweet.  There is a teacher's aide, and about 25 kids in the class.  I am thankful that her desk is front and center in the room and hopeful that she will get the attention and discipline she needs.  While she was only at this school for one month at the end of kindergarten, she recognized several faces and hugged a couple of friends.  More of the kids knew her name than she knew theirs...maybe a sign of blooming popularity?  To top it all of, each child got a bag of (mostly stale) popcorn.  She loved it :)

Meanwhile, my DS, who would have been in a different 1st grade class from FD, got to stay home with FS and his daddy.  He was perfectly content in doing so, and has been telling everyone in sight that he is staying home for school this year and that mommy is his teacher.  Great!  On the other hand, he is under the mistaken impression that he will only work for 20 minutes a day...or maybe 40.  I've attempted to dissuade him from that notion, but maybe it will only seem that long to him and that would be fantastic!

FS's back-to-school night for preschool at Head Start will be next Thursday night, and he is on the side of the fence with those dreading it.  His teacher, Ms. C.  is nice and came by last week for the required home visit.  He said he liked her, but that he does not want to go to school.  I keep telling him its not a choice.  At least he is looking forward to riding the big yellow bus!

Today we went clothes shopping as well, in order to use the back-to-school clothing vouchers that the state gives foster children.  $50 doesn't go far, even at K-Mart!  Luckily, they didn't really need much and had fun picking out a few new things.  I'm saving up the monthly clothing allowance for when the seasons change - I can spend it anywhere, instead of just the very short list allowed with the vouchers.

FD naturally put on every piece of clothing she could when we got home from shopping - headband, dress, tights and some cute brown and pink boots.  I said that was fine, but she couldn't go out in the 100 degree heat without changing.  So then she put on the other shirt (pink with Justin Bieber on it!) she hadn't worn yet with not-new capris, and kept wearing the boots, LOL.  Girls and their shoes - it starts young :)

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  1. We have two big seasonal shopping trips each year, and when we get home there is always a "fashion show". That is life with little girls!

    I'm glad DS is excited about staying home for school, but I feel for FS. But I can kind of understand why the state doesn't allow homeschooling.

    It always used to make me mad when I would watch "Wife Swap" and they would pull the non-homeschooling kids out of a school for a week, knowing those kids would have to make up all that work and possibly fall behind their class.