Monday, July 11, 2011

On the mend....again

This has not been the healthiest time of my life.  Since my last post, where I wasn't feeling too great, things went downhill.  I went to the ER on Sunday, stayed in the hospital almost 3 days, and never really determined where the infection was.  So, I had a lot of antibiotics, and by Thursday was feeling pretty well.  I proceeded to go on my trip to Tennessee to visit family on Friday (instead of Thursday as planned).  We all went swimming Friday afternoon and had a great time.  Then it was bath time and I slipped and hurt myself, badly, on the edge of the jacuzzi tub (wooden framed).  OUCH.  OUCH.  OUCH.  I refused to return to the hospital, knowing that all they could say was stay still and rest so your ribs can heal.

Did I stay still?  No.  We went to Chattanooga to see extended family, took the kids to the aquarium (they all loved it!), saw the fireworks in Collegedale, TN and then went back to Cookeville where my parents lovingly entertained the kids so I could rest.  Thank goodness!  We headed back home a day later than planned so I would be able to drive safely (i.e. turn the wheel without too much pain).

I have been to the chiropractor multiple times since coming home, and the pain is moving around.  Hard to say if its improving or not!  I finally got to the medical doctor today for a follow-up, and will call to see how the blood work turned out tomorrow.  If my white blood cell count isn't close to normal, I don't know what they'll try next.  On top of all of that, I caught a cold a few days ago, but of course its too painful to cough or sneeze so I've been stuffing it, LOL.  Now the doc has put me on 10 more days of antibiotics for the congestion - think he saw something in my ear and throat.  Yay. (By the way, I'm a sarcastic person in real life...I know that doesn't always come through loud and clear online :)

So there's my pity party.  Welcome to it :)  And we're done.  Moving on...

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