Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm the Lucky One

I saw a comment on LT's blog that struck a chord with me.  Here are my rambling thoughts for the day...

People are always telling me how much they admire what I do, that I'm amazing, an angel, that they couldn't do it.  I don't think that fostering is for everyone *at all* but I think it must just scare some that actually could do it.  Yes, its work, but so is my own son...and they are worth it for the same reasons.  They were created by God and are worthy of His love and ours.  They were created to know and love Him, and to know and love people.  When I know and love them, then I am doing what God created me to do.  If I can teach them to know God and love people, then they will be ready to face this world when they leave my home.  I hope.

I don't do this consistently or perfectly, but it is the goal I keep in mind.  I fail most every day - I lose my temper.  I may say something I regret, I may slam a door, I may give myself a time-out...or I may stuff it and bottle it up inside for a while.  Its a work in progress.

Therefore, I am not any more amazing than the next person, who faces their own struggles each day.  We each have our own mountains to climb, and each one of these children tries me, tests me and helps me grow into the person I am becoming.  I do the same for them, helping them face their problems and grow up a little bit more.  I feel blessed and lucky to be able to do this for them.  Perhaps that is the reason I have a hard time understanding why people think I'm so great!  I'm the lucky one.

---end rambling---and on to what's happening---

Spring, and a little of summer, have been hanging around the past few weeks, and we have all been enjoying the beautiful weather.  I had a week without my husband (another business trip), and survived, so I know that I can handle these 6 kids just fine, without being a miracle worker and without much help, other than them being in school for 4 days.  I did had a friend join us last Friday for a fun day in Bowling Green - it would have been incredibly stressful to attempt it alone!  I took them to Chuck E. Cheese and to see The Lorax, then to a playground before a storm drove us back home.  Most of them had never been to Chuck E. Cheese, or a movie theater, so it was a big day!!  They had a fantastic time, and all except Minnie managed to stay awake through the movie.

Today was the home visit from the preschool teachers, and it went well.  The kids were hyped up from being inside today (boo, more rain!) and so excited to show their teachers their toys in the playroom.  We talked a bit about the issues that those 3 little ones have, and a little about their family situations.  The sun came out while they were here, so thankfully they've gotten to play some outside and have some quiet time as well.  When the older ones get off the bus, I'm going to try and keep them all outside until supper! 

I have been setting dental and medical appointments and think they are all lined up.  The social worker has set the mental health evaluation for spring break, and I'm glad to get that started.  I've been doing my own research and have an alphabet of acronyms that may be applied to them, so we'll see which ones I'm right about!  I really hope therapy will help them come through the experience well, instead of having to go to medications.

One more week until spring break means I have 4 full days with just one child at home to accomplish any errands I need to run the following 10 days.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I agree 100%. I am lucky by having the kids in my life. I look at my little survivors as being some of the strongest people I will ever know, & I am fortunate to have been blessed with them.