Friday, April 18, 2008


Unbelievable -I felt my first earthquake this morning!!  I was just sleeping, and about 4:30 am CST the house began to shake and the dishes in the sink were rattling.  Of course, my breath caught and sat straight up in bed and didn't breathe for the 5-6 seconds it lasted.

GMA isn't airing today, as the local (Louisville) news stations are just playing viewer phone calls and a radar map.  The epicenter was in West Salem, Illinois, just north of Owensboro, and they are calling it a 5.2 on the Rictor scale.  The last one felt in 'these parts' was back in 1980, and it was more noticeable.  My husband and son slept right through this one, and only one of the puppies barked after it was over.

None of the animals seem upset at all - but the quake was felt as far as 300 miles away!  Remarkably, no significant injuries and no major damage to any buildings.  Some concrete has cracked, and some trees have fallen around the area, but I don't see any damage from where I sit.

Did anyone else feel it?

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  1. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Laura, we felt it up here outside Chicago. I didn't realize what it was since I was half-asleep. I remember feeling a quake (aftershock) once before when I was a kid in Louisville. It was in the mid-80's.