Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The reason WHY

This exercise is from an e-newsletter I'm receiving - The Astonishing Power of You. This is part of lesson #2, with my answers.

"Close your eyes, take a deep breath
to center yourself. Ask yourself the
question, if you had all the money in
the bank that you needed and you could
have your life exactly the way you
would like it to look, how would that

- Keep asking the question and
answering with Why until you
truly know that there isn't
another answer left."

I would spend time learning how to be self-sufficient in an environmentally friendly way - growing my own food, learning to can and compost, learning to hunt and start fires...to just live off the land. I think that's just smart - to know how to survive if civilization collapses.

I would raise my children and teach them the things that are important. I would spend more time with friends and family, and God - just being. I would make a difference in the lives of others, helping meet their needs and make this world a better place. I would get more involved in politics - and spend time reading about history and learning about this world. I would read more for pleasure and listen to more music. I would take pride in the appearance of my home and my family.

WHY? Because I think that is what life is about - living, learning, growing and loving, then helping others do the same. (Guess that's why I chose that for my blog's name!)

I also want to train puppies and horses so they can be enjoyed by their owners. I guess what I really seek is order and discipline in the world - knowing that there may be many ways to do something, but that there is often a "right" way that will bring the most good to all involved. The trick is finding it without spending your whole life doing research to avoid mistakes. I think that's where trusting God and learning to hear His voice comes in handy.

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