Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My letter to Ron Lewis

Regarding HR 5405 - please do not allow this to pass. The social security card was never intended to be an ID card, and has been abused as such for years, making identity theft easier for the criminals. I am very much against a national ID card of any kind and also oppose the Real ID in our state.

Yes, 9/11 was bad. But even worse is how the mention of the event gets uninformed citizens to agree to every "security" measure the government can think of. I beg you, do NOT prey on the uninformed, and listen to those of us who are.

We do not need more government programs, welfare, and reforms on the programs that are already out there. We need less - much much less. The more I learn about what I was NOT taught in school, the more convinced I am to never let my son attend a public school. More government control of education is not the answer either. We need freedom, liberty, and to be allowed to pursue our own happiness without being tracked by the state or the country.

Please make me glad I voted for you.

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