Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So long, Farewell...Goodbye?

Yesterday, my second pair of foster siblings went back home to their parents.  FD was thrilled when I told her as she got off the school bus, hopping up and down, grinning and asking questions.  I had to wake FS up from his nap to pack their clothes, and told him then, and he just moped.  The younger ones just don't really seem to get it.  He did ask if he would be sleeping there and I said, "Yes, forever - hopefully."  And he said he might want to come back here.  I let them know they are always welcome to visit, and we can meet them at the park sometime if they would like.  Both children are interested in playing soccer, so I let the parents know, and they seemed interested.  I told them how to sign them up.  If they do, we'll get to see them at the games this fall.
First time playing in the rain

     I was glad to have a heads-up this time around.  I was told in advance when the court date was, and what the cabinet was recommending to the judge..  This is what *should* happen.  (Last time, I found out through the bio dad instead of the case worker and had no idea what to expect when they were taken from me.)  I was able to mentally prepare myself over the weekend for them leaving, as well as packing up all their toys and whatever else I could get away with packing.  I actually packed all but 2 pair of socks, underwear and PJ's, and FD did notice but she is still young enough to not put too much stock into things that happen around her.  Very trusting
     I also updated their "lifebooks" as required by the state.  This is basically a scrapbook kept by foster parents to help the children remember where all they have been.  It was started back when kids moved a lot, from home to home, and while that situation has improved here in KY, it still happens.  These 2 kids did come from another foster home in a nearby county, complete with lifebooks.  I was disappointed in the number of pictures she included - very few considering they were there over 1.5 years.  I put in more pics and pages for the 3 months they were with me!!  FD was very excited to look over the old and new pictures on Sunday when I told her about them.

Heading for the school bus in his favorite boots
     When the call came Monday afternoon as the worker left the court room, I was given three hours to complete the packing and take them to meet the parents.  I got it done with time to spare, and took pictures of the 3 kids together, then had DS take one of me with them, and DH even came home early to load the van, so I took a pic of him with the FK's as well.  That was something I regretted not doing last time!

Summertime fun with DS6, FD6 and FS4
    We took them to their new home (not usually how its done, but we happened to find out where they lived by seeing them play in the yard on Saturday during their visitation) and DS didnt' want to get out of the van.  I believe he had a lot of mixed emotions about them leaving.  He said he was glad they were leaving and that he liked the previous kids better.  I was surprised by that, since there was much less fighting and more fun had by the latest group.  His words said glad, his attitude said sad.
     As we were completing the unloading process and taking everything to the porch, he did finally come out and come over to say goodbye.  There were no tears, no clinging goodbyes, so it was very different from the last reunification.  I would say it went well. 
Little Artist
     I always have doubts that the parents are going to do these kids justice, and step up to the plate, so to speak.  This time, my worries worsened as I got 2 calls from the elementary school saying FD wasn't at school today.  Hmmmm.  I gave them the parents phone number.  It is out of my hands, but you gotta wonder....why on earth did they not take her to school?

And now back to my regularly scheduled disinfecting of the rooms they used!  Having kids rotate through the home does encourage a nice schedule of germ-killing and mattress flipping. 

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