Friday, September 09, 2011

Record Low Highs

The big news for the week was that we didn't see the sun until Friday.  This caused some very cool weather to envelope us and stick around for a while.  Recall that last week, we were breaking temperatures as well - over 100 degrees.  This week, we broke temperatures with record low high's. LOL.  The high's didn't surpass 70 until today, so it was cool, rainy, and not very much fun to be outside.  So did we stay inside?  Heck, no!

Saturday afternoon we went shopping then to Blazers Fun Zone, which is one of his favorite things to do. He absolutely wore himself out with the inflatables and mini-golf.  Sunday after church he stayed with his grandparents, so I read "The Help" and watched original Star Trek episodes with DH.  Monday began with the Labor Day Parade, so we now have a bowl full of candy.  I picked up his fair entries and prize ribbons, too! Tuesday was back to the routine, which was rougher on him than I expected, but the rest of the week went better.
loving his blue ribbons
Posing with nature collection, craft from kit and Lego creation
side view of Lego base
aerial view of base

He practiced his bike riding twice this week and played at the park.  We visited a friend in the hospital a couple of times, and gave him a get-well-soon picture of him lying in the hospital bed.  Not the most inspiring drawing, but sweet.  We went to the chiropractor, the library, and to Ma's for sewing lessons.  We built a wooden castle craft kit together - painted the parts, glued together, than were impressed with the castle we built.  He promptly topped it with Lego guys wielding machine guns and light sabers.  Next week we will build the catapult to go with it.

My favorite part of school time is cuddling on the front porch swing with our reading materials, iPad (to listen to Librivox recordings) and occasionally flash cards.  The simple change of scenery does wonders for his attitude towards learning!  It also gives us a chance to spend time with the outdoor pets and watch the hummingbirds.  Today we had a talkative hummingbird - not sure if she was mad at us or just glad to have some good nectar available, but she would leave a while then come back and talk and drink some more!  Our new kitten, Kady, loves for us to be on the swing- that's when she gets to be the center of attention!  She tried to stalk the hummingbird from behind my potted ferns, but decided the grass was more within her grasp.

The busy fall schedule is on its way!  Here's a preview of the upcoming week.  Tonight - DH leaves for mission trip in Nicaragua.  Relaxing weekend.  And then the craziness begins!  Lion's Club. Soccer practice and soccer games.  Home school book club, Lego club and Heros at the library.  A United Way meeting.  A Grayson Co. Alliance meeting.  My garden club meeting. A merchandising job first thing Monday.  Oh, and home school Luke!  The good thing about DH being gone next week is that my handbell director will be with him and practice is cancelled this week :)

I know what you are thinking, and no, every week will NOT look like that - for some reason, the monthly, twice monthly, annual, bi-annual and every 6 week events all fell at the same time.  Wish me luck!


  1. You know, that's interesting what you mean about how changing the scenery changes the homeschooling attitude. We've had a little of that this semester as I make Bailey do her schoolwork during Piper's Monday morning gymnastics class, and Piper did her math while we waited outside Katie's Friday morning Eric Carle art class.

    Maybe one day this week I'll let the girls take their work to the picnic table on the front porch just as a change of pace. We really do spend too much time cooped up in the house.

  2. It looks like you all are having so much fun. I love the missing tooth and the beautiful Lego land!