Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Getting Healthy in 2012

One thing that I love about the other moms using Ambleside Online for homeschooling is that they are so down-to-earth and willing to share about just about everything (using the yahoo groups).  Time and time again, the Amble Ramble group gets on the subject of more natural, eco-friendly or healthier living.  So often, in fact, that a couple months ago they spun off into a separate yahoo group just for that topic!  Its open to all, so join us here.

I have learned so much over the past 10 years or so about healthy living.  I converted my home to Melaleuca products in 2007- for cleaning, for toiletries, for vitamins, supplements and snack.  I truly love this eco-friendly, long-lasting, affordable products!  (Yes, I can sign you up as a preferred customer :)  I trust that the air inside of my home is NOT more toxic than polluted outside air, thanks to Melaleuca, unlike most American homes.

Around that time, I also starting reading Dr. Mercola's newsletter, which is crammed full of great information.  I also like Dr. Axe and his newsletter and videos. 

In 2009 I was introduced to the value of essential oils.  I signed on with Young Living (and yes, I can enroll you there, too :) and have learned some about the various ways to use the oils, but still have a LOT to learn about them.  YouTube has a plethora of videos by Young Living distributors and is a great way to find out more.

In 2010, I joined the Ambleside yahoo groups and my mind has been filled to the brim with new (to me) ideas.  Going shampoo-less (which is called "no poo" LOL), using only vinegar and baking soda for just about everything, growing all your own food, making clothes and much more.  Then they got on the subject of juicing and recommended some resources to learn more.  I watched Food, Inc, which confirmed my choice to buy organic whenever possible.  Then I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a documentary about the power of juicing your foods.  (Still on my watch list - Forks Over Knives and Food Matters)

My DH was on board with trying a juice fast!  So, we borrowed a juicer, bought a book recommended by a friend, and are trying it out this week!  The book is "Get Healthy Through Detox and Fasting" and has the when's, how's and why's of juicing and fasting answered, along with recipes and daily scripture to help you through it.  If you can't get the book, try tips and recipes from here.

Following Dr. Colbert's plan for the juice fast (which he actually recommends only after the 21 day Daniel fast, which we aren't doing at this time), I ate only fruits and vegetables yesterday and today I learned to use a juicer.  Not hard, but it can get messy if you aren't careful!  I'm hoping to feel great by the end of the week...but right now I'm hungry, light-headed and have a headache.  Like I posted on Facebook - isn't detox and fasting fun?

Other than starting the year with a juice fast, here are my goals.  Get my cholesterol out of the danger zone - meaning I want no chance of being put on medication.  Do whatever else I need to do to not have non-alcoholic fatty liver.  My doctor said it won't be an issue for many more years, but who wants that hanging over their head?!  Get my weight down and stabilized.  Have more energy.  Lots more.  Beat the sugar addiction and learn how to eat (and cook) in a healthy (and satisfying) way.

I'm not going to kid myself and think that I can accomplish all of these things in just one year -it took my over 30 to get in this shape, after all.  But baby-steps will get me there.  After all, I've had a successful garden for a couple of years and learned how to make bread and several other things.  In addition to learning how to homeschool and deal with foster children.  Yes, its been a learnin' 2 years.

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  1. joanie powell4:23 PM

    Love all the info. Thanks for sharing. We have similar goals. Best wishes to you. I watched Food Inc and it was an eye opener.