Monday, January 16, 2012


Wow, what a week this has been.  I fully expected to have several weeks rest after my last foster kids left before getting any phone calls.  I was SO wrong!

Just 16 days after the 9 and 13 year olds left, I got the first call of the week.  A 4 year old boy came to join us Saturday night, and my DS and he had some good times Sunday.  Monday I figured out what I needed to about his preschool and got the bus situation squared away.

Monday night I took the boys to Cloverbuds, where they learned about New Year's Resolutions and made little time capsules.  While we were there, I got a respite call for 2 more boys, ages 4 and 14.  I said, Sure!  So before we came home, they were with us.

Tuesday and Wednesday I washed their clothes and got to know them a bit.  This 4 year old is not in preschool and so is with me all day while I homeschool Luke.  It worked out well, though, since he isn't a morning person and pretty much stayed out of the way and quiet while we did school work.

Wednesday night during my handbell rehearsal, I got another call, this time for a baby!  This was the first time we've had one under 2, and has required a lot of extra work.  We had to get out the crib, stroller, dishes, bibs, toys and clothes from the barn and wash everything.  And then put the crib together.  And put the harness back in one of our car seats.  That didn't' get done until today, but luckily the DCBS let us keep a loaner so we could get everyone to church and back in one piece. 

This big 14 month old definitely has his own personality.  I can already tell he's pretty smart and its going to get him into a lot of trouble! 

From the sound of it, the only boy we will have for a significant length of time will be the first 4 year old, but we will see!  We will have them all for at least the rest of January, but after that its up to the judge.

Supervised visits start tomorrow for 2 of them, and the other 2 will be on Friday.  I'm glad we can arrange it so I don't have to make 4 separate trips (none of these kids has the same parents or last name).

I feel good about how things have gone so far...especially with a 4 day weekend thrown in!  We had snow Friday, so school was cancelled, and today was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  I really think boys are just easier all around than girls are!  The only things stressing me out are all the appointments I need to get set for these kids, and the baby who is teething and cranky.  I am thankful that he is now going to sleep pretty easily in his crib, although its not without loud objections.  All the baby stuff that I have to do with him does seem easier this time around, even though its been 6 years since my son was this small.  Its all coming back to me now....

FIVE boys.  And its not nearly as bad as it sounds! Please pray for each of them, as they miss their Mommies and Mamaws and Nanas, and for me as I try to fill those roles.


  1. Trinitii9:29 PM

    I was once told that children are a loan from God. After all they do belong to him. I think that he has entrusted you with a few extra because he knows the love you can give. I have to agree that boys are easier than girls. We have 5 boys and 3 girls. 2 of the boys are only with us when school is out and the oldest of course in now in college so he is only home when he needs some money. LOL My trouble this week is that our visit was cancelled due to snow so our 3 fosters haven't seen their parents for almost 4 weeks. They are really starting to miss them and it's been hard to explain why my stepson got to go to see his mom for the weekend but their didn't.

  2. It's true what you said about how dealing with the baby is easier the second time around. The first is always a gigantic life-style change...overwhelming to realize that you are 100% responsible for the care and keeping of another person. But by the second you are more adjusted, confident, and have some experience under your belt.

    I, of course, wouldn't know about the whole boys being easier than girls thing, though. ;-)

  3. As you know...rdcobb was really me...stupid Google!

  4. Yes, Barbara, I know who rdcobb is now :) Stupid Google indeed, LOL. Thanks for reading!