Saturday, February 04, 2012

2 down, 2 to go

Boys.  God love 'em.  They are rowdy, rambunctious, sweet, cuddly, messy, loud, hungry, loving, open, outdoorsy, messy and more.  Yeah, I know I said messy twice, LOL.

This past week a couple of the boys' families had court (Wednesdays around here), and the recommendation by social workers was for them to go home.  I was told that the worker didn't know what to expect - had no "feeling" on it like one sometimes gets - but they did end up going home.  They were very excited - boys, moms and dads - and the house was crazy because they arrived at the same time and we had to sort what went to which car!  We hugged, and DS made the 14 year old a drawing of them having ice cream cones together.  The 14 year old proceeded to pick on me, which his sister (adult) thought was funny.  I get the feeling

Its always a little empty-feeling when they leave, but this time we still have 2 other foster boys to keep us busy.  The 4 year old is missing the 2 that left, which I haven't had to deal with before, but thankfully our DS (now 7) is a pretty good playmate.

We hit a snag Thursday afternoon when the stomach bug caught me, then DS.  So yesterday (Friday) was a day of recovery (no homeschool) and visitation hour for the foster boys.  Today I'm still taking it easy, but trying to disinfect the house so DH doesn't catch that evil virus.  I'm pretty sure the foster boys already had it and it just hit them a bit differently, and being younger, they got over it faster.

Their visitations went well.  One got to visit aunt and grandmother, and its the aunt that is trying to get custody. She had adjudication Wednesday, and I still don't know how it went, but hopefully progress is being made in that direction.  The other met with both grandparents (that have pretty much raised him so far), and to my surprise his dad was also there.  First time I've seen a parent for this one.  From what the grandfather said, court will be March 7th to determine where he goes.  I hope to get confirmation of all that I hear from the families from the social worker, but if not, I tend to believe the families.  They gain nothing by lying to me, that I can see.  The problem I usually run into with fully trusting what they say is that they listen to what is said to them with hopeful, optimistic ears, and often don't hear the "ifs" and "maybes" that make all the difference in the world.  Especially when repeated inaccurately in front of a child - and usually they don't realize it until its too late. 

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