Friday, February 10, 2012

Gone, Baby, Gone

I love that song by Martina McBride, Wrong Baby Wrong.  It seems appropriate today, although I'm singing the Gone, Baby, Gone verse.  Around 11am, I checked my phone because I had gotten a text message a little bit earlier.  I noticed I had a missed call and voice mail as well, from 8:45am.  Have I mentioned how AT&T doesn't work well here?  I get VM and texts sometimes the NEXT DAY.  Ridiculous!!

Anyway, the voice mail was from the DCBS and it was the boys' worker, saying that she had talked to the judge this morning and the baby was going home!  Today.  Instead of a visit at noon, I was to pack his things and bring it all. So, that was a big surprise, since the grandparents had told me they had to wait for court on March 7th.  Turns out the judge either forgot to sign, or signed the wrong paper TWO weeks ago, and he should have gone back then!!!

The grandparents were overjoyed, and I was sad.  Very sad.  He is the  youngest child I've fostered, and I expected it would be harder to let him go.  I was right :(  He woke up from his nap, I put him in the high chair for a snack while I packed his clothes, toys, diapers, toiletries, snacks and sippy cups.  We all drove to the DCBS office and told him goodbye.  The 4 year old was happy to have a room to himself again, and I must admit I won't miss the stinky diapers!

I would have had him one month tomorrow.  He turned 15 months old while he was here.  He had about 5 teeth come in, and all his front teeth finished coming through as well.  He got me up early most mornings and chased me around all day.  He made messes, rearranged things constantly and liked to push buttons, open and shut drawers and doors.  He was cute as a button, with curly red hair and chubby cheeks.  I'll miss the little guy.

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  1. Just popped over from one of the AO boards. What a gift you gave the child but loving him even if just a short time. I was blessed reading about your sadness and the love for the gift this child was to your family.