Monday, January 16, 2012

The Juice Fast

I successfully did a juice fast for a whole week!  Okay, maybe I cheated a *little*, but I did drink fresh juices for a week :)

The day before the fast I ate only fruit, veggies and nuts.  Then I followed the recipes from Get Healthy Through Fasting and Detox (by Dr. Colbert) faithfully for the first 3 days or so, before realizing that some of them just didn't taste good so I doctored them up a little.  When it came to the end of the fast, I was planning on breaking it over 3 days like the book suggests, but we got several new foster kids and I had to start cooking so that went out the window!

My weight loss was 9 pounds, and while I probably won't keep that off unless I get serious about doing a regular T-Tapp routine, it was a great start to a healthy year.

My husband did the fast with me, which made it much easier to stick to (thanks, honey!).  Of course, being a man, he lost more weight faster than I did.  And will probably keep it off without exercise!

My new weight maintenance plan is to eat when the baby eats, which means I eat mostly what he eats, and slowly since I have to feed him between bites :)  

I still plan on doing a full 21 day fast later this year, perhaps the first week of summer.

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